Kylie Matte Lip Kit

Devina Desai

Good morning guys!!

I am going to review the kylie lip kits for you today. I remember someone asking me to review this product after my last post. So here goes.
The kit consists of the liner and liquid stick. I am review two of my personal favourite shades – Dolce k and True Brown k. I had a phase in between where I was obsessed with browns. I bought a lot of brown shade lipsticks to finally find the shade that I was satisfied with. Dolce k is the lighter one and True Brown k is the darker one, you can see the swatches below. Kylie cosmetics have some amazing variety of shades, you can pick according to your preference.
Having said that, the application is fairly simple. First you line and fill in your lips with the liner and then apply the liquid product over it. It glides perfectly and also smells like dessert. But after a while it starts to get chalky. If you are planning to eat or drink after applying this, I suggest you don’t because that will cause chunks of the product missing and if you try to reapply, it will just flake more.
I like the product because of the variety of shades but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite.